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Cash Loans Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements for a loan or a cash advance?
A: Must have the following items:
  1. Have an active checking or savings account
  2. Have a valid driver’s license or state ID
  3. Must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  4. Must be at least 18 years of age
  5. You or your spouse are not an active duty military personnel

Q: What are the fees for a loan or cash advance?
A: Fees are very competitive; they may vary.
Q: What if I have poor credit?
A: No problem! Unlike many other financial intuitions, we do not require that you have good credit or, for that matter, any credit history at all. If you have any questions about qualifying please contact us.
Q: How soon can I receive my loan or cash advance?
A: We can approve your loan application in a matter of minutes, after you send us the required documents. We can deposit funds into your account by the next business day. We release the funds from our bank within one hour of receiving a signed, completed contract during regular business hours.
Q: What documents do you require for me to fax in?
A: You will be required to send in the following documents.
  1. 2 most recent pay stubs.
  2. Most recent 30-day checking account statement.
  3. Valid driver's license or state ID.
  4. Voided check from checking account.
  5. Debit card (if applicable}
  6. Social Security Number (card if available
  7. 5 references' names and phone numbers (people not living with you).

Q: What is an A.P.R.?
A: An A.P.R. is the annualized percentage rate of your loan.
Q: How do you determine the amount of money for which I qualify?
A: Loan amount is based on income, time on job and other personal qualifications.
Q: Is my loan or cash advance confidential and secure?
A: Absolutely, We transact all our loans on our secure SSL server, utilizing the industry's highest standard. Your nonpublic information is completely confidential and protected by our company privacy policy.
Q: Can I pay my loan or cash advance back early?
A: Yes, there are no pre-payment penalties.
Q: After approval of a loan or a cash advance when will I receive my money?
A: Loans processed on any weekday will be funded on the following business day. Money is provided in the form of electronic transfer (ACH) to a specified bank account.
Q: How do I repay my loan?
A: We will run your payment on your account on the scheduled due dates. If you have made arrangements for an alternative payment method i.e. Money Order, your payment must arrive at our location reflected on your agreement by your scheduled due date.
Q: Do I need to fax or e-mail any documents?
A: There are some instances where proof-of-income or other documents are required prior to the receipt of a loan. Proof-of-income may include a government benefits award letter or pay stubs. Other documents can include a recent bank statement displaying regular deposits and proof of address. If you are self-employed, please fax a copy of your bank statement for the last 6 months and your tax returns for the last 2 years in order to expedite the verification process. You may be required to fax us proof-of-income if you receive alimony, disability or social security benefits. Certain states require proof-of-income prior to the receipt of a loan. Please review our Rates and Terms page for more information about regulations in your state.
Q: Do you provide loans or cash advances to military personnel?
A: No, not at this time.
Q: Do you provide loans in all states?
A: AAA Quick Cash Advance provides loans in New Mexico.
  1. Please visit our license and fees (APR) page for licenses and fees.